Blogging with Obsidian and Jekyll

September 8, 2023 by Kinh Nguyen

Combining Obsidian and Jekyll makes blogging most convenience than ever. Something that possible include

  • Highlight a portion of text from a website, send to Obsidian today note, and start to jot down.
  • Spell check with self-host LanguageTool
  • Generate new post (note) with a single click
  • Drag and drop images to upload to Imgur then insert the link! (see below) Here is an example

  • File’s name can be change directly by typing in the bold date in the figure above.
  • YAML are formatted very nice
  • Writing math with is a bli$\beta$
  • Of course, it’s free to and fast with Github Pages
  • All the nice things of Obsidian (drawing, graph, linking,…)
  • Git push to publish post directly from Obsidian.

If there are something wonderful this page will be updated.


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